Usain Bolt run over by Segway

Usain Bolt won a gold medal in the world championships on Thursday morning. Minutes later, Bolt was run over by a cameraman riding a Segway. Both went to the ground.

Bolt, who was barefoot, rolled over and was helped up. It was unclear if the man billed as "the fastest man on Earth" was hurt in the incident other than a smal cut on his leg. He did continue to go around the track to wave at fans.

Video showed the cameraman, who was following Bolt, lost control when the Segway went onto a rail that is used for a camera that follows racers on the track.

Bolt won the race with a time of 19.55 seconds. It was the best time int he race of the season. He beat second place runner Justin Gatlin by .19 seconds despite slowing down at the end of the race.

Bolt is now 2-0 in Beijing against Gatlin.