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The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles are set to face off in Super Bowl LVII at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, on Feb. 12. Starting quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts will lead their franchises in one of the most-watched sporting events of the year as tens of millions of Americans tune in at home.

The Sunday game's popularity has spurred questions over various Super Bowl topics, including how the game is hosted, the overtime rules, and whether the performers at the famous halftime show are paid. The network set to televise the event is Fox, and Rihanna will headline the halftime performance.

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Can the Super Bowl end in a tie?

No, it is not possible for Super Bowl LVII to end in a tie because the overtime rules are adjusted during postseason games to ensure a winner is eventually declared during the game. For example, if there is a tie after the 15-minute overtime period, or if the second's team initial possession has not ended, then the teams will play for another 15-minute overtime period until a winner is declared.

Moreover, both teams will have three timeouts available to them during the overtime half, and another coin toss will commence at the end of the second and fourth quarters. Each team will have three timeouts during the half of overtime. The game does not stop until a winner is declared.

Do Super Bowl performers get paid?

Some of the most popular A-list celebrity musicians participate in the Super Bowl halftime performance; however, they do not receive a paycheck from the league, according to Esquire. The NFL covers the entire cost of the production as well as pays for the performer's travel expenses to the Super Bowl, but a personal paycheck is not given to the musician.

Despite the lack of pay, the main reason stars agree to perform at the Super Bowl is because of the large exposure the halftime stage provides as tens of millions of people tune in to watch the game and the show. The exposure usually translates to increased music sales, especially if the artist has a new album or song.

How are Super Bowl cities selected?

An NFL select committee determines which cities are chosen to host the Super Bowl after going through a vetting process. The committee wants to ensure that whichever city hosts the Super Bowl has the proper economic infrastructure and tools in place to host the event effectively without delays. Cities across the United States actively pitch the NFL for the opportunity because of the economic opportunity and exposure from hosting the event.

Cities often have to make concessions to the select committee, which usually results in the NFL having authority over how the event is conducted. Owners from the cities also have the opportunity to pitch the committee during the selection process.

How do Super Bowl squares work?

In order to win a Super Bowl squares competition, the winner is typically picked at the end of every quarter, but the tally of the game's final score is also used to determine the final winner. A final winner is decided when by taking the last number in each team's score and matching it to the grid where squares intersect.

The winners of the first, second and third quarters typically receive some form of equal payout, but the winner of the fourth-quarter final score usually receives the largest payout.

Why is the Super Bowl on Sunday?

Every Super Bowl since the first one in 1967 has been hosted and broadcast on Sunday to millions of Americans. There have been talks and calls to move the Super Bowl to Saturday so that Americans can enjoy the event without having to work the next day.

"That [idea] has been around for a long time, people have talked about that," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said, according to CBS Sports. "The reason we haven't done it in the past is simply just from an audience standpoint. The audiences on Sunday night are so much larger. Fans want to have the best opportunity to be able to see the game, and we want to give that to them, so Sunday night is a better night."

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