Revived high school athlete reunites with man who saved his life

The football season gets off to a tragic start for one Houston high school team when a student collapses on the field and stops breathing. It was third quarter during the first game of the season two weeks ago with KIPP Sunnyside High School hosting the team from Shadow Creek High School. 

Football player Dailen Nash dropped down onto the field. He wasn't moving or breathing and he didn't have a pulse.                 

"I started compressions and probably about after 25-to-35 seconds, he came back to life," explains Shadow Creek head athletic trainer Cody Wade, who was one of several staff and medical professionals rushing to help the collapsed KIPP Sunnyside player. Fortunately, that player survived to tell his story. 

Baylor College of Medicine staff also helped to save Nash's life.

Nash, a senior at KIPP Sunnyside, says during the game he began feeling strange and could feel his heart slowing down.

"I just saw like black stuff, it was just popping up, popping up, popping up and I didn't know what was going on and when it last popped up, I completely blacked out," explains 17-year-old Nash. That's when Wade began to administer CPR. 

"It was actually the longest 30 seconds I've ever had," says Wade, 

Paramedics rushed the Nash to a hospital. After a two-day stay, doctors say they have no idea what caused the teen to collapse the way he did.

FOX 26 News witnessed as the high school football player and the man who helped save his life reunited for the first time since the teen collapsed.

"Scared the heck out of us but we got you back," smiles Wade.

"Thank you for helping me out when I was on the field," says Nash to Wade. "I appreciate that sir,"   

"Not a problem," replies Wade, the trainer turned hero. "I'm so glad I was there."

"It stopped being about competition and started being about making sure kids were good," explains KIPP Sunnyside principal Rian Wright. "I'm so grateful. Our school is like a family here. I'm thankful to Shadow Creek Ranch who we now also call family. I'm super thankful to the Sunnyside athletic department and our family here for jumping in and going to the hospital and giving us updated information." 

Nash will have to remain on the sidelines for upcoming games until doctors release the high school senior to suit up again, but will he play? 

"Oh yes," says Nash. "I love football. I can't give up that. I'm glad they got me back breathing because I'm not ready to leave yet. I've got a lot of things to do on this Earth." The teen says he is torn between a college major in sports medicine or engineering. He also tells FOX 26 that he said an extra special prayer that Saturday morning there in the hospital after what he calls a Friday night miracle when God gave him a second chance at life.