Fredericksburg Christian HS student makes half-court buzzer-beater shot to win basketball game

Down by two - two seconds left - a miracle shot to win the game is your only chance!

You take the shot.


Trey Green's unbelievable half-court shot that gave his team the victory was captured on video during a Virginia high school basketball game this week.

Green, a player for the Fredericksburg Christian High School Junior Varsity Eagles, made the basket during a home game on Tuesday against Richmond’s Collegiate High School.

The game was tight all the way to end that had Collegiate with a two point lead with just over two seconds left on the clock. Green took the inbound pass from a teammate, took one step, and took a shot from more than a half-court’s length away. (WATCH THE FULL VIDEO BELOW)

Video, shot from the stands by Fredericksburg student Justin Simon , showed the winning shot. The gymnasium erupted in cheers as the ball passed through the rim giving Fredericksburg the one point victory. After the basket, Green ran down the court and was swarmed by his teammates.

His parents told FOX 5 that Trey was feeling sick on Tuesday but it didn’t stop him from playing.

(Video courtesy: Justin Simon/justasticfilms)