Bucs' Winston: I made 'poor word choice' during kids' pep talk

Lots of people are talking about the school pep talk by Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston that apparently didn't send the message he intended.

During a visit to Melrose Elementary School in St. Petersburg yesterday, he told the children they could do anything they set their mind to.  It was supposed to be a talk to get children excited about who they are and where they could go in life.

As Winston was trying to engage with the children, he asked all the boys to stand up and told the girls to sit down, then said this:

"A lot of boys [aren't] supposed to be soft spoken.  One day ya'll [are] gonna have a very deep voice like this -- a very, very deep voice.  But the ladies, they [are] supposed to be silent, polite, gentle.  But my men now, my men [are] supposed to be strong."

Some adults in the room bristled at the suggestion girls are supposed to be silent.

Later, Winston issued a statement to clarify what he was trying to do.

The school district later issued their own statement, thanking him for the clarification.