Youth football rules changed for safety

Some might say it is the collision, explosive play and the violence that will have people huddled around their TVs for the Super Bowl on Sunday. But, parents are concerned about the safety of their kids. So the lead organization on youth football is literally changing the game to make youngsters safe.

Dr. William Barr is the director of the neuropsychology division at NYU Langone. He knows football and knows the brain. From 1995 to 2004 he worked with the Jets. On his wall some of the most infamous concussions the games produced.

To address parents' concerns and the drop in participation, USA Football -- youth football's governing body -- changed the rules. Each team will have six to nine players on the field, instead of 11. The field will be far smaller. Kickoffs and punts will be eliminated. And players will start each play in a crouching position instead of in a three-point stance.

In many ways the game will mirror flag football.