Your pets can have allergies too

For Dr. Nick DiRusso, springtime means allergy appointments are booking up fast.

But Dr. DiRusso doesn’t care for humans. He’s a veterinarian at Animal Healthcare in Eastchester, New York.
With pollen coating cars and fields everywhere these days, your pooch could be suffering just as much as you are.

"One of the things I'm always surprised with is that people do not make the conclusion animals get the same things that they do. Everything from allergies to cancer," says Dr. DiRusso.

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The doctor says, regardless of a dog’s age, allergies could affect its health.

Most dog allergies, he says, are normally triggered by an inhaled allergen like plant or tree pollen and mold spores. If they’re not treated, it could lead to respiratory problems.

Dr. DiRusso says most pooches can be given a bath or wiped down with a cloth after a walk to make sure all the pollen comes off their fur.

But if your dog has a severe allergy, you may be forced to take him or her to the vet.

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