Young Shakespeare troupe ready for international stage

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While most kids their age are taking selfies and playing video games, some children in Rockland County are learning Shakespeare. They're about to represent the united states at a World Festival of Children's Theater in Canada.

Shakespeare famously wrote "All the world is a stage and we are merely players." But there's not mere about these players.

Every word, every line is recited in the original Shakespearean style. They're performing "As You Like It."

Diana Green is the art director of Rockland County's Children's Shakespeare Theater. The actors may only range in age from 10 to 13, but Diana says they can not only memorize lines but also understand what they mean.

Diana has been directing this children's Shakespearean group for 17 years. But for the first time ever her group will be performing at the World Festival of Children's Theater in Ontario. They are the only group from the United States performing at this world festival. And I mean world. Groups from countries as far as way as the Philippines and Uganda will be there.

When Shakespeare wrote "What stars do spangle heaven with such beauty," he wasn't referring to children but clearly the sky is the limit for these kids and any other.