Young girls booted from cheer squad after approved vacation

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They paid $500, enrolled their 5-year-old daughters in a cheerleading squad but are now anything but cheerful about the way things ended. Two moms say they feel taken advantage of and their daughters are heartbroken after taking a trip to the happiest place on Earth and returning to some pretty unhappy news.

”It was a shock,” says Olivia’s mom Jennifer Camp.

5-year-old girls Olivia and Samantha were on the League City Saints Cheerleading Squad.  Their moms say before paying the $500 they informed the Saints Cheerleading director each family had week long vacations planned and asked would it be a problem. “She said that's fine.  We'll see y'all later when y’all get back,” explains Samantha’s mom Rachel Case. 

“They acted like everything was fine.  Throughout the year they were reminded a couple of times,” adds Case.

The camps were at Disney when they found out their 5-year-old daughter was being thrown off the squad for missing one week from a six month season.  The Case family found out a day before leaving for vacation.

“It was expensive for her to just get kicked off with no explanation,” says Case.

”I wish they had told us from the beginning that this was the case because I would have completely understood,” Camp explains. 

FOX 26 News spoke with the League City Saints vice president Marc Potter and he admits the moms were told their daughters could go on vacation. However, Potter says the girls were kicked off the team because the moms never provided their dates in writing. The moms say these trips were planned a year in advance and they certainly would have provided the request in writing if they were asked to do so.

”I wouldn't be upset if they would just contact me and give me what's owed,” says Case.

There won't be a refund but the Vice President says the girls will still get their uniform and trophy at end of season. The 5-year-old girls, by the way, were told the season ended, not that they were kicked off the squad.