Young entrepreneur honored for starting online thrift store

For 10-year-old Obocho Peters, it all began with a movie and some toys.

"The movie 'Avengers: Infinity War' came out on April 27, 2018, and I wanted eight toys and my mom just couldn't afford it," Obocho said.

So instead, as a way to help other families in need, Peters started the Instagram page @obochoscloset, where he accepts donated children's clothing and shoes before reselling them, never for more than $10. A portion of the proceeds from his store goes towards holding free seminars for parents to learn how to best save money for college.

For his work, Peters was one of several people honored as part of Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams' "Heroes of the Month," much to the delight of his two biggest cheerleaders, his sister and his mother.

"It shows him that the spirit that he has inside to help people, because his name 'Obocho' means 'I am love' and that's exactly what my son is," said Sasha Peters, his mother.

Obocho said his ultimate goal is to create a brick-and-mortar store in his Flatbush neighborhood in the next few months and has set up a GoFundMe site to raise money for the effort.