Yonkers police officer punched in face: Fury after alleged attacker released without bail

Law enforcement and local officials in Yonkers are furious after a man who allegedly punched a Yonkers police officer in the face was released without bail by a judge.

According to the Yonkers police, the incident unfolded in response to a 9-1-1 call near Cypress Street last Wednesday. 

Upon arrival, officers discovered the suspect, 39-year-old Johnny McCray, lying on the sidewalk and assisted him into an ambulance. 

In body camera footage released by the Yonkers police, McCray is seen conversing with officers while standing in the doorway of an ambulance. Suddenly, he throws punch at the officer, breaking the officer's nose and prompting a swift response from the police, who subdue him on the ground.

"The officer was very surprised. He was only there trying to help him. Being super compassionate and nice. And just out of nowhere completely unprovoked," said Keith Olson, the President of the Yonkers PBA and a friend of the officer. 

Yonkers police say that McCray was released on his own recognizance by a Westchester County judge. Police also claim that McCray was released because he apologized in court and had an upcoming job interview. 

McCray has over a dozen criminal convictions in his past and is currently out on parole for an attempted robbery conviction.

"This is a judge making really poor decisions," Olson said.

Westchester County Legislator James Nolan blames bail reform for McCray's release.

"They are letting criminals run wild," Nolan said. "We can't allow that anymore. We need to make sure there is law and order." 

FOX 5 NY reached out to the Office of Court Administration, which oversees New York's courts, as well as the Westchester District Attorney, but did not hear back. 

McCray's next court date is not for another two weeks.