WWE Wrestler arrested for Kidnapping & Battery

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Late Saturday evening, drivers on Hawthorne Road in Gainesville witnessed a couple having a fight in the roadway called 911.

Officers arrived to find a man and his wife in an altercation that had become very physical and left her afraid of being with him.

Witnesses told Gainesville Police that they observed the suspect, identified as Richard Swann, and his wife, identified as Vannarah Riggs, in their vehicle fighting. 

Riggs was seen exiting the still moving vehicle. 

According to the arrest report, Swann stopped the car in traffic and pursued Riggs grabbing her by the arm and trying to get her back to the car. 

When she refused, witnesses saw him use a hold around her neck, and he drug her back to the car. 

Witnesses told police that Riggs was screaming for help and trying to get away from Swann.

Swann and Riggs have been married for less than a year. 

Both had been involved in a wrestling event at 8 Seconds in Gainesville prior to the incident.

Swann was arrested and charged with simple battery (domestic), and false imprisonment.

Richard Swann is a pro wrestler on the WWE circuit according to their webpage. 

Both Swann and Riggs are former Tampa residents.