World Citizen: Berlin

Germany is a country with a tremulous past, and its capital city of Berlin is no exception. Divided by the infamous Berlin Wall and immortalized by the effort to bring it down, Berlin has changed a lot since those darker days. Street art and graffiti have replaced the oppressive feel of the city. An influx of immigrants has changed the demographic of the city.

I went to the eclectic east side to an area called Friedrichschain to meet one of the city's artists and talk art, immigration, and where Berlin is going.

Then I went across town to a famous plaza called Alexanderplatz, one of the city's biggest transit hubs. Alexanderplantz shows a cross-section of the German population: music, food, and shopping are the main draws here. I found a traveling artist who goes all over Europe to paint surrealists drawings on walls, roads, and sidewalks. As crowds gathered, I got his take on life and art.