World AIDS Day 2015

New York state will dedicate $200 million more to efforts to end the AIDS epidemic by 2020. Gov. Andrew Cuomo made the announcement Monday, the day before World AIDS Day.

The new funding is on top of $2.5 billion New York is already spending to encourage testing and prevention and support for those living with the disease.

The new funding will expand housing assistance for people with HIV and enhance services at "one-stop" STD clinics in the city.

The state's goal is to decrease the number of new infections to 750 per year by 2020.

Cuomo also announced another milestone in the fight against HIV/AIDS: for the first time in decades, there were no reports of infections passed from mother to child in the past year.

In Washington, the White Houe had a huge red ribbon on display in the fight against HIV. 34 million people worldwide have HIV.

With the Associated Press