Workers left high and dry after MyPayrollHR suddenly shuts down

Governor Andrew Cuomo is calling for an investigation after MyPayrollHR, a payroll company, abruptly shut down, completely vacating its Albany-area office.

The company’s sudden shutdown has left thousands of employees without paychecks, scrambling to pay their bills. 

“My employees are kind of in a panic, and I’m in a panic because we have negative balances now,” said Jared Barton, operations manager at The Shop, a restaurant in Troy, New York. 

People affected by the shutdown have taken their concerns to social media. 

Some businesses affected by the shutdown are temporarily paying their employees out-of-pocket to compensate for the lost wages are continuing to wait for a resolution.

“This is majority family-owned businesses, Mom-and-Pop shops that have between 10 and 50 employees,” said Barton. “Some have a lot more, and those people are really, really being dramatically affected by this.”