Women in nothing more than body paint

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Is it art or is it offensive when women work Times Square with nothing more than paint and a thong.

The number of women in the high-traffic tourist area reportedly has doubled this year.

For $10-$20, people can take photos with the nearly-naked women.

The women are called 'hustlers' by some.

It is legal to be topless in public in New York City.


One of the women, who says her name is Saira says she does it to highlight gender inequality.

"It is controversial.  It is shocking.  But that's what New York City, Times Square has always been about," Saira says.

Another woman, named Angel says she can make hundreds of dollars a day in tips during a 10-hour shift.  But it does come with some negatives.  She says that she has been touched inappropriately at times.

As for people who say it's not family friendly:  "I don't know what the issue would be.  If you don't want your child to see a naked woman, just walk by," Saira says.  "I don't know what the harm would be with them looking at us."