Woman sues over candy that falsely tested positive for meth

New developments in a FOX 5 I-Team Investigation.

A Macon woman wants authorities to pay up after a bag of cotton candy wrongly tested positive for methamphetamine during a routine traffic stop.

Dasha Fincher spent three months in jail, her bond set at a million dollars because she was accused of trafficking drugs.

The grandmother insisted the blue material in the bag was cotton candy.

Monroe County deputies said a field test kit showed it was meth.

There was no other drug evidence found in the car.

A crime lab analysis several months later determined Fincher was not carrying a bag of meth, and prosecutors dropped the case.

Fincher is now suing Monroe County, the two deputies who stopped her, and the manufacturer of the test kits.

The FOX 5 I-Team investigated how police use these kits.

In just one year, they produced 145 false positives in Georgia, sending innocent people to jail.

Some departments have now changed their policy in the wake of that investigation.