Woman reveals pregnancy to husband through adorable surprise photoshoot

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A Wisconsin woman revealed her pregnancy to her husband through a surprise couples’ photoshoot.

Brianne Dow, 24, decided to surprise her husband, 26-year-old Brandon Dow, with the news that he was about to become a father earlier this month, Daily Mail reports. 

Brianne planned the surprise shoot with their wedding photographer, Samantha Boos, but told Brandon she had won a free photo session.  

Brandon was under the impression that he would be posing for a couple romantic shots with his wife, but he had no idea the photoshoot would change his life forever. 

According to the photographer’s Facebook post, she told the couple to write three words that describe each other on framed chalkboards.

Samantha told them to stand back to back, so they couldn’t see each other’s chalkboards. 

While Brandon wrote his three words, Brianne held her board towards the camera with her finger in front of her lips to show that it was a secret. 

Brianne’s board was written on ahead of time, and instead of three words describing Brandon, it said, “You’re going to be a daddy.”

When the couple finally turned and faced each other, Samantha captured Brandon’s priceless reaction. 

Brandon’s reaction was so priceless that the pictures Samantha posted on her Facebook were shared over a quarter of a million times.

The couple’s unborn bundle of joy is due February 11.