Woman on bus goes on racist rant

Video posted to Facebook from aboard a bus in New York shows a woman hurling racist insults at fellow passengers and the bus driver. 

In various clips posted by Zoe Mac on June 30, the woman tells the passengers to 'shut up.'  

"You got a problem, call the police. I hope you all got your mother @#$%^& papers. I hope you all got your papers? I'm sick of all you people. All of a sudden you're going to pay? You're going to pay to ride the bus?"

In another clip from aboard the Transport of Rockland bus, someone tells a man to "please grab your mother" as the belligerent woman reaches for the cell phone that is recording her.

"Go back to your f@#$%^& country."

Mac captioned one of the videos as follows:

"Ignorance at its finest, saw this nonsense today coming home from work today on the bus, one of the reasons why I don’t like public transportation but then again it also motivates me, racism never died and this is what people like me and who can relate go thru..."

All the clips were strung together and shared by the Rockland Report.


The bus driver called the Orangetown Police Department and the woman was arrested. 

The Orangetown Town Supervisor posted a message to Facebook about the incident commending the police officers who responded for swiftly arresting the woman and the passengers for the restraint they showed.

Chris Day referred to her as the "great idiots of our time."

"Her behavior is forever enshrined on the internet among the great idiots of our time, and I hope she learns a lesson in appropriate behavior and tolerance from the experience as she is recognized on the street as "crazy racist lady from the bus" for the next several years of her life."