Woman known as 'bikini hiker' freezes to death on mountain

GiGi Wu, a Taiwanese woman who was known for climbing mountains and then posing for photos at the top in a bathing suit, died after she fell and froze to death.

The self-proclaimed bikini hiker, was in Taiwan's Nantou County during a hike, when she tumbled into a valley near Mabolasi Mountain.

She fell about 65 feet according to Taiwan News.  She was able to call rescue services but it took rescuers more than a day to get to 36-year-old Wu because of bad weather.

By the time search teams arrived, she was reportedly dead from hypothermia.  It was unclear if she was wearing a bikini at the time of her death.

Wu started the bikini photos a few years ago after losing a bet to a friend.  Her Facebook page has now turned into a memorial site.