Woman hit by fish that fell from skies

It may sound like something out of a Monty Python sketch but it happened to a woman in Philadelphia.  A woman was hit by a falling fish.

Lisa Lobree walk walking with a friend, on her way to a boot camp outside the Philadelphia Art Museum when it happened.  She heard rustling in a tree when the fish hit her in the face.

"Within a few seconds, I was slammed in the face with something.  I think it might have been head, face and neck, because I smelled so bad afterwards," Lisa Lobree says. "Like, I'm more likely to get struck by lightning than get hit by a fish falling from the sky."

Her friend says that it appears that a bird had a fish in its beak or its feet and dropped it right on her.

"I immediately freaked out and fell to the ground," Lobree says.  "I was really upset, actually.  I was pretty hysterical."

The fish was about 18-inches long and weighed about five pounds.  It left a scar under her left eye.