Woman finds her lost wedding ring at dump

A Long Island woman has her wedding ring back after accidentally tossing it out in the trash.

It happened to Jodi Elder of Woodmere.  She put her wedding band on a paper towel while she was doing chores last Friday and forgot about it.

She ended up throwing both the paper towel and the diamond-studded ring into the garbage.  Once she realized what she had done, panic set in.

After tearing up the house and calling everyone she could think of, she got ahold of the chairman of the 5 towns garbage disposal district.

The very next day Jimmy Villardi met up with the Elder family for a "fun filled" day at the dump.

They dug through a 40-foot tall mountain of stinky hot garbage trying to find the tiny ring.

After spending the morning in 5,000 pounds of trash, they found it!

"No one really could believe it," Elder says.

Elder says she is forever grateful for her angels at Sanitary District Number One.  She notes that the ring was given to her as an anniversary gift a day after her mother passed away so she thinks she might have gotten a little help from upstairs.