Woman dies on Alaska Airlines flight

A woman died in the middle of an Alaska Airlines flight.  It happened Tuesday afternoon on Flight 478.

The woman was seated in First Class on the flight from Seattle to Kansas City.  Emergency crews met the plane when it landed at Kansas City International Airport but the woman was already dead by the time emergency personnel tried to perform CPR on her.

Passengers were ordered to stay on the flight for two hours because police said it was an unattended death and they had to treat it like a crime scene.

Debbie Harris was waiting to board the place for a flight back to Seattle.  She says she watched as emergency vehicles arrived on the tarmac.  But she says a fire truck was quickly gestured to turn around.

Police say there were no signs of foul play and passengers were eventually allowed off of the plane.

"I'm just really sorry for the family of this lady," passenger Jan Andrews said after getting off of the plane.

The identity of the woman who died was not released.  An autopsy will determine the woman's exact cause of death but it appeared that she had suffered from a cardiac arrest.