Woman decapitated while trying to free headphones in elevator

A woman's head was severed in a freak accident involving an elevator, according to reports.

It happened on Monday at a plastic manufacturing factory in India.  Police said that 48-year-old Sushila Vishwakarma had arrived to work and was taking the service elevator while listening to music on her phone.

They think her headphones got caught in the door and when she tried to free them her head got caught in a gap in the elevator and was ripped from her body.

Her head was reportedly found on the ground floor and her body was still inside the elevator on the third floor.

The police found earphones plugged in the severed head.  Music was still playing on her phone in the elevator, according to one report.

Authorities hope an autopsy will reveal more details on her death.

"We are investigating the possibilities of how her head got stuck and whether it was because of the headphones," police inspector TR Bamaniya told the Indian Express.