Woman allegedly puts meth in 2-year-old's mouth in playground

A woman has admitted to intentionally giving a 2-year-old meth while the child was playing at a park in California, police said.

UC Berkeley police said Sayyadina Thomas, 36, was at the People’s Park, when she allegedly approached the boy near a play structure on Monday.

Thomas then allegedly put something in the child's mouth and the boy’s nanny, who was at the park with the toddler, immediately checked to see what it was but could not find anything, police said.

The nanny then called police.

Thomas allegedly admitted to paramedics that she had given the child methamphetamine.

The boy was taken to a nearby hospital where doctors confirmed he had ingested meth, according to police.

Thomas was also hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation, police said.

Police told ABC7 that they know Thomas lives in the park. She’s previously been arrested for trespassing and indecent exposure, reports said.

Thomas is set to be charged with attempted murder, according to reports.

Police said she will likely appear in court Wednesday.