WNBA athletes using app for safety while overseas

The WNBA is currently in its off-season, but dozens of players are staying on top of their game by playing overseas. A new app is helping athletes stay safe when traveling abroad.

Two taps away from peace of mind is the goal behind the safety platform called LiveSafe, which is used by universities, stadiums, malls and companies across the country. Now the app company has teamed up with the WNBA, the first professional league to use the app to support its athletes playing overseas.

The app allows players to communicate directly with the WNBA and its security team. And if the league has its own information, it can immediately alert players.

With more than 60 players competing in countries such as turkey and Russia, WNBA President Lisa Borders says the added security is crucial. And about 80 percent of the players are overseas during the offseason, so you know how important it is.

This app is so impressive. It basically takes the thought process out of "if you see something, say something." while that comfort and security is beneficial at all times, when you're in an unfamiliar setting it is even more crucial.