Wisconsin neighbors dance together to 'Jump Around' during coronavirus outbreak

It must be the fourth quarter, because Wisconsinites are jumping around.

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Residents of Sun Prairie stood on their driveways on March 27 to jump and dance to House of Pain’s classic hit “Jump Around.”

Social gatherings have been replaced with social distancing ever since the novel coronavirus began spreading. It has infected more than 1,200 people in Wisconsin and claimed more than a dozen lives as of April 1.

Last week’s dancing gave the neighborhood an escape from isolation, while still adhering to social distancing guidelines.

“This is how we get through social distancing in Wisconsin,” said Greg Thomson, who filmed and helped organize the get-together.

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The ritual began during the Wisconsin Badgers’ 1998 homecoming game against Purdue. “Jump Around” is traditionally played over the sound system between the third and fourth quarters.

Fans — especially the student section — go crazy when the song starts.

Even opposing players have been filmed taking part.

They jump and they jump and they keep jumping until it’s time for play to resume. So ferocious is the jumping, the stadium starts shaking.

The shaking ultimately led to a brief hiatus from the ritual in 2003, according to Wisconsin Athletics. School officials temporarily suspended the practice while construction went on at the stadium.

They feared the vibrations from all the jumping would compromise the structural integrity of the project. But those fears were put to rest when engineers determined the ritual was safe.

This story was reported from Atlanta.