Wisconsin cops tackle deer inside nursing home

A deer smashed through a glass window of a nursing home on Sunday, alarming the staff members, who called the police.

Several officers from the Wausau Police Department in Wisconsin responded to the home, where they found the terrified deer skittering down the hallway in the opposite direction of the exit. That meant officers Karlen, Pfaff, and Pacey had to intercept and subdue the animal.

Thankfully, one of the cops had experience tackling powerful targets — on the football field. 

"Officer Karlen led a previous life as an elite football athlete, we'll give the nod to UW-Stevens Point Football and the Alouettes de Montréal for helping him be ready to 'tackle' this call!" Wausau PD wrote on Facebook.

Police released videos from the officers' body-worn cameras showing Karlen, Pfaff, and Pacey wrangling the deer to the ground and eventually getting it out a door.

"Although the deer appeared to have sustained a couple of small cuts from the glass, the officers were able to successfully get her back to her natural habitat without any further harm," police said.

The body-camera videos show the deer running off into the night as the three officers wipe fur and debris off their uniforms.

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