Winery loses grape harvest in nighttime heist

A Virginia winery has lost almost its entire crop of grapes in a nighttime theft, just hours before it was to be harvested.

Firefly Hill Vineyards co-owner David Dunkenberger says that between 2  and 2.5 tons of grapes were worth up to $50,000, and not covered by insurance.   He says that the thieves left behind less than 200 pounds of grapes.

"What hurts the most is what they stole from my spirit and heart," Dunkenberger wrote in a Facebook post announcing the theft.  

Dunkenberger says the theft could have only been orchestrated by people familiar with the winery's operations.

Dunkenberger called the thieves "cowardly, human scum" and added:  "May you die a slow and agonizingly painful death so that when you are writhing in pain someone will be kind enough to offer you a drink of wine so you know for what you suffer."

The winery, which has operated for 12 growing seasons, says it will remain closed until further notice.

Police are investigating the theft.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.