Will Uber come to NY suburbs?

For many Westchester County residents, getting to and from the train station can be a hassle. App-based car services like VIA and Uber are not allowed in suburban counties like Westchester due to state law.

Assembly member Shelley Mayer, who represents a district in Yonkers, is hoping to change the law. he said bills will be introduced to address the issue.

Every cab driver we spoke to is concerned. Augustine has been a cab driver for almost 20 years. He worries that Uber will cost him business. Cabbies say one of the main reasons the app-based car services are bad for business is because the cabbies claim those services don't follow the rules. For example, at the White Plains Metro-North station, cabs have to wait in line to pick up passengers.

Parking at the station isn't cheap, either. With everything being so expensive, commuters say all they want is more options.