Will Mayor de Blasio face a tough challenger?

In a few months, New Yorkers will have a big decision to make: Will Mayor bill de Blasio stay or will it be... actually, who would it be?

Not one person in our unscientific poll could name a single challenger to de Blasio. And only one guy we spoke to could even come up with a far-fetched name thrown out in rumors: Hillary Clinton.

That rumor aside, a handful of people have somewhat suggested they might maybe just possibly be somewhat curious to run against de Blasio. State Sen. Tony Avella may be the top name on the Democratic side, but thus far nobody has made a substantial move.

Many believe the only real challengers are Republicans, including Harlem minister Michel Faulkner, who happens to be a former New York Jet, and real estate executive Paul Massey. But even if they raised the needed money, which they haven't, their success would depend on a vulnerable mayor. Many political experts say that is not the case.

Political expert Andrew Kirtzman points out that de Blasio inherited a city with low crime, improving schools, and cash. Kirtzman says there really isn't a rational to unseat de Blasio. Without a catastrophic failure, that is a viewpoint reinforced by most voters, though not all.

This time four years ago, several candidates were declared. In addition to de Blasio, Bill Thompson, Christine Quinn, John Liu, and Anthony Weiner were all in the race. This time around, hardly any challenger has any name recognition on the street.

Kirtzman says that New Yorkers don't like to throw out a mayor unless they feel things are going badly. And unless some unforeseen things go badly and soon, we'd say the race is a foregone conclusion, although longer odds have been known to prevail.