Will Fearless Girl become a permanent NYC fixture?

The Fearless Girl statue has stood defiantly across from Wall Street's famous Charging Bull for almost two weeks, but interest in seeing and posing with her have yet to wane.

The bronze statue was commissioned by financial management firm State Street Global Advisors and placed in honor of International Women's Day to call attention to the need for more women on corporate boards. As she has become a social media phenomenon, Fearless Girl has also become a broader symbol of female empowerment.

Fearless Girl was supposed to just be here for 5 days. But the city extended her permit for 30 days. The statue, by Delaware artist Kristen Visbal, is only permitted to stand at the site until April 2. But now there is a push to make her permanent. 30,000 people have signed a petition in favor. And the city says it is exploring the possibility of keeping her here longer.

A spokesperson for Mayor Bill de Blasio said: "This temporary installation has elevated important conversations about women in leadership, and we're as excited by that as many New Yorkers are" and that keeping her at the location permanently would require a thorough review of logistical and design factors.