Will auto-balancing skateboards catch on?

The auto-balancing skateboard. Justin Bieber owns one. So too does Kendall Jenner. Wiz Khalifa rides his around department stores.

"Really a modern day evolution of the Segway," says Tom's Guide Associate Editor Mike Andronico, who does not own an auto-balancing skateboard.

Neither does Fox 5, but the kind people at Hammacher Schlemmer let us play with one. This model of the Gyro-Transporter retails for around $1,000.

"The Segway was aimed at the older crowd," Andronico says.

Auto-balancing skateboards market themselves as for everyone of all ages but seem to appeal to a younger, hipper, and -- yes -- wealthier crowd.

We find recording artists and at least one pro athlete among the earliest adopters littering their Instagram streams with pics and videos of themselves gliding along, hands-free, at up to six miles per hour.

"Until there's a day when we're all getting around that way, I think it'll take a long time for them to really catch on, especially because of the price," Andronico says.