Widower wins lottery -- for third time

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A North Carolina man has won the lottery -- not once, but three times.  But he won't be keeping all of the winnings to himself.

Ralph Havis claimed his million-dollar prize Tuesday after winning an instant game.  The long-time restaurant owner previously won $150,000 twice in different games. His first win came in August of 2014, and the second came less than a month ago in April.

"I couldn't believe it," he recalled. "The manager of the station was there. I said, 'Here, look at this, see what you see.' And he said, 'My god, you just won a million dollars.'"

Ralph owns a fast-food drive-in restaurant called Beef Burger in Greensboro and he says he does not plan to stop flipping burgers anytime soon.

Ralph opened the popular burger joint with his late wife Alma Vivian.  He says he will share some of his winnings with his employees.

Also, he plans to keep playing the lotto.