White couple sues IVF clinic after wife gives birth to Asian baby

The white parents of an Asian child born via in-Vitro reportedly want to sue the clinic where the fertilization took place because the father's sperm was not used.

The white couple claims a blood disorder the girl born in 2013 later developed is associated with southeast Asian heritage.

"A couple years later, they noticed the baby started having Asian features," the couple's attorney David Mazie of Mazie, Slater, Katz & Freeman, told the NY Post.

Kristina Koedderich and Drew Wasilewski of Verona said DNA tests confirmed there was zero probability that Drew was the father.

The couple intend to file suit against the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science at St. Barnabas Hospital in Livingston.

A judge in Essex County Superior Court ordered the clinic to provide a list of men who donated sperm around the same time as the fertilization took place.

The clinic responded saying it takes the matter very seriously and was thoroughly investigating.

The clinic's negligence caused "the breakdown of the marriage between Kristina and Drew Wasilewski," claims the suit.

"They love her very much, but it's a very sensitive and very stressful situation for them," Mazie told The Post.. They also want to know if Drew's semen was used for someone else's IVF treatment."