Where to meet other singles in New York

Over 8 million living in New York City packed as densely as we are, can it really be difficult to meet single people? Apparently, yes. So we spent this day hacking into this problem.

Ah, the complexities of dating. If it wasn't easy to meet single people in the city before, take a look around now. Everyone who is by themselves is on their phone. Whether it be Instagram or games like candy crush, the age of distraction is crushing our game.

Editor Carla Sosenko studied up on subject for Time Out New York undercover style, hitting up bars, museums, poetry readings. She found the same social settings that used to field single people still do. They key is really to go and be social, even if it means going by yourself.

Shared interests also help. Classes from yoga to wine tasting, volunteering -- all of these will put you in places with new people with the added bonus of shared interest. Themes help too, like the tim burton night we visited.

Technology is dominating the singles world. There's even a Tinder for dogs now, for cryin' out loud. Yet there is a disconnect meeting people through technology. And many we speak with say step away from the phone.

Hearing the advice to step away from technology because everyone's doing it reminds us of When Yogi Berra said "Nobody goes there anymore because it's too crowded."

Nonetheless, the takeaway here is to be bold and be friendly and see where it goes. Either way, you'll survive it.