When grandparents get custody of a grandchild

Raquel Grant is the now the caregiver of her 2-year-old grandson Joseph. It took two years for her to obtain full custody of the child. Her 30-year-old daughter, who has a disability, was not fit to care for her son. Grant says becoming a parent for a second time was not easy. Her biggest struggle was dealing with the administration for children's services.

She had to undergo mental health screening and be present at court many times. It's been a while since she last cared for a child. She struggled financially but was determined to seek help. She turned to the New York City Department of the Aging, which helped her get clothing and a bed for her grandson.

Helen Flowers is the deputy director of the grandparent Resource Center for the Department of the Aging. She says she has seen the challenges grandparents face. She urges the community to seek help there are many free resources. Clothing, toys for the holidays for the little one, and most importantly support.

Grant goes to a support group once a month where she is able to talk to other grandparents who are in the same situation. She says it helps her tremendously.