What your name says about you

Dylan, SueHaley, Robert, Sandy, Keith, Megan, Kaley, Noah, Jonah, Joshua, Sheila, Sandra, Martin, Larry, Edith, Florence, Asher, Annette: Our names identify us perhaps more than we even know. Neimologist Sharon Wyeth says she invented neimology, the study of what the placement of letters in a given moniker tells you about the person.

"I don't call them judgments, I call them evaluations," she says. "Their intelligence, what kind of gifts they like, their communication styles, how to up-sell them, where their conflicts will be with other people."

While Wyeth works with H.R. departments, lawyers, and families to group compatible individuals together judging by their names, the poll-aggregating website FiveThirtyEight.com analyzed the relationship between name and age of every living American born after 1900.

FiveThirtyEight found the average age of a woman named Gertrude in this country hovers around 80. Median Elmers and Willards are around 65, Brittany is 23, and Liam, Jayden, Aiden and Mason are probably between the ages of 3 and 6.

Depending on who is hearing, reading or writing it, it seems your name may disclose more about you than you think.

"The name John means somebody who is brilliant who needs to learn how to follow their own path and not follow someone else's path, they like to give orders, they like to be the boss," Wyeth says.