What to see and do in Riverdale, Bronx

If you've never been to Riverdale, you should check it out. This residential community in the northwest Bronx used to be home to many of New York City's biggest moguls. You'll still find lots of mansions but also plenty of apartment buildings.

Boasting quiet tree-lined streets, the neighborhood is close to Manhattan but feels far away from the hustle and bustle.

Do not miss Wave Hill, a public garden and cultural center still beautiful this time of year. It has historic buildings, including a gallery, and offers workshops and tours.

If horses are your thing, make your way over to Riverdale Stables where riding lessons start at just $60. The stables also feature an academy, horse boarding, and therapeutic rides.

No trip to Riverdale would be complete without a visit to the Van Cortlandt House, the oldest surviving house in the Bronx. Frederick Van Cortlandt built the house, which was the focal point of a wheat plantation.

George Washington stayed at the house in 1776, 1781, and 1783.

In 1887, the Van Cortlandt family sold the land to the city (which became Van Cortlandt Park) but donated the house to be used for a cultural purpose.

And finally, if you're hungry you've got lots of options. Moss Cafe serves kosher food, Salvatore's has delicious Italian, but I tried Jake's Steakhouse for a little surf and turf.