What is 'zodiac shaming'?

Some believe our zodiac sign predetermines our destiny. Others believe it's plain old nonsense.

Heather Dockray, web culture reporter for Mashable, just wrote an article on zodiac shaming.

"I was inspired to write it after hearing from a lot of different friends and people that they thought they were being shamed for their zodiac signs," she told Fox 5. "People wouldn't date them because they were Scorpios or they wouldn't date people because they were Libras."

She swears zodiac shaming is a real thing.

"It's basically the practice of treating someone differently because of their zodiac sign," she said. "Obviously, the word 'shaming'—we're taking that with the silo of salt."

Silly as it all may sound, it's a talker.

Heather's advice is this: speak proudly about your zodiac sign. Gemini right here! If people don't want you because of your sign, then they don't deserve you.