What is the 'tiny' turkey Thanksgiving trend?

Back in the day, a scrawny Thanksgiving bird was considered a fair criticism during a holiday that glorifies gluttony. Now it is, apparently, a point of pride.

Tiny turkeys are all the rage—that is, fowl smaller than 15 pounds, according to Bloomberg. And if you're wondering why blame millennials.

Russ Whitman studies these kinds of things for the market analysis company Urner Barry. He said this is in part because of changing traditions and smaller families. Also, millennials want to reduce food waste and know that their turkey was allowed to roam free before it was slaughtered. That often leads to a smaller bird.

If you look at the Department of Agriculture numbers, inventories of whole hens, which are female and smaller, are down 8.3 percent from a year ago. Whole toms, the males, are up 6.9 percent. So more bird is being left on the shelf and on the farm than in your fridge for post-Black Friday shopping nourishment.

This is what I want to know: What do you do for leftovers? Won't you need to cook the rest of the weekend? That just seems like a lot more work.