What is the future of face masks?

While face masks have become an integral part of our lives this year, will they have a future once a coronavirus vaccine is found and the pandemic finally ends?

"To a certain extent I think it will," said Eric Cioe-Peña, Director of Global Health for Northwell Health.

Doctor Cioe-Peña, says even though face coverings have become controversial and some people refuse to wear them, there are many people, especially those who are susceptible to the flu or other viruses that will think twice about wearing a mask from here on out.

"At least in pockets of the United States that have adopted mask usage, we probably will see people when they’re feeling ill or sick or worried about other people being sick around them. When colds are going around or flu is going around, people will wear masks more often. I think it’s become more socially acceptable,” he said.

This year's flu season in the southern hemisphere was weirdly mild and experts attribute the low number in cases to mask-wearing and social distancing.

“We saw flu numbers in Australia, South Africa down 99% that’s pretty impressive," said Cioe-Peña.

So don't be surprised if the hottest accessory of 2020 sticks around for years to come.

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