What is a raindrop cake?

The rainbow bagel, the towering milkshake, the cronut, the donnoli, the cake pop, and the raindrop? It could be New York's newest dream dessert. Mesmerizing to watch, it looks like a giant jiggly drop of water on a plate. But before the raindrop landed in New York City, it was a viral sensation in Japan. People are raving about its light and tasty texture

New Yorker Darren Wong makes them in his kitchen in Williamsburg. He is not a chef by trade. He actually works at an ad agency but was so fascinated by the raindrop cake he learned how to make them on his own.

Wong debuted his raindrop cakes this past weekend at the outdoor market Smorgasburg and sold close to 700 in just two days. So his next plan is to get an industrial size kitchen and start making more. But of course something so delicate can't be easy to make or preserve.

It is soft to the touch, sweet to the taste, and light on the calories. Wong says the raindrop cake could make its biggest splash with those who are watching their diets.