What does Blippar app do?

Blippar is hoping to change the way we see the world around us and the term "Blip it" will become as common as "Google it" and "Tweeting."

Currently, with the Blippar app you can hold your phone up to many objects and images and bring them to life.

If you want answers about an apple, for example, you can "Blip" the apple and it gives the nutritional information, recipes and other tidbits.

For Rangers fans, you can blip your logo hat and you'll get game times, scores and news about the Rangers.

Blippar also works with companies like Kraft. You Blip Miracle Whip and it takes you to a list of recipes using the product.

You can also blip movie DVDs and even a dog to find out what breed it is.

Blippar says the goal is that in the next few years you'll be able to Blip everything in front of you.