What a hairstylist is doing to make cancer patients feel beautiful again

DeJuan Burns is a hairstylist who has found a way to give back by making custom wigs to empower women who have battled cancer.

Burns makes her wigs by hand. Each one takes about 30 minutes, but her clients say that can make all the difference for their confidence and resolve. Camille Kelley, one of Burns’s clients who has been cancer-free for years but still feels the effects, said losing her hair was a low point.

“It was devastating, because it was so many medicines and treatments going on afterwards, but I was 100 percent better,” Kelley told Fox 5. “But the traces of treatment had left the damage. And that’s when it got my hair. And a woman’s hair is her crown and glory.”

Now, Kelley says the services Burns has provided for her make her feel proud and strong.

And if women who are suffering from hair loss are too sick or embarrassed to come to the salon, Burns takes the salon to them… with her mobile Glam Shop, offering free in-home beauty treatments for clients who need them.

Burns says the reactions from the people she helps is all the payment she needs.

“I’ve had people cry. I’ve had people go out and tell everybody they can tell. They take my flyers, or they put it out there on social media, so I think that’s really nice,” said Burns.