Westchester County sues drug makers over opioid crisis

Westchester County in New York is joining many other governments in trying to hold companies responsible for the deadly opioid epidemic.

By the end of the day, some 115 Americans will die from an opioid overdose. This day isn't special. According to the CDC, 115 Americans are dying each and every day from prescription opioids.

With 124 opioid deaths in Westchester County in 2016, county officials joined the growing chorus of cities and counties filing lawsuits against several companies. Their accusation is deceptive marketing for claiming the painkillers were safe.

Chicago was first to file suit to hold manufacturers and distributors of opioid prescription drugs responsible. Two hundred lawsuits have been filed across the country. Cities and counties are hoping funds from the lawsuits can go towards the outreach, treatment, and emergency services needed to manage the epidemic.

New York City is also suing drug makers. In 2017, more people in in city died from overdoses than from murders and car accidents combined.