Wells Fargo employee caught stealing from customer accounts

A Wells Fargo employee has been arrested after an undercover police officer caught him using customers’ personal information to make fraudulent transactions at a ATM machine in Marietta.

Kwasi Adadevoh, 24, is charged with possession of marijuana, possession of amphetamines, drugs not in original container, possession of a controlled substance in a school zone and fraud.

On September 28, police say an undercover officer saw Adadevoh wearing gloves, a mask and hooded sweatshirt as he made a transaction at a Wells Fargo ATM on Roswell Road. Adadevoh then reportedly sprinted back to a vehicle parked nearby. The undercover officer reported the suspicious activity, and two unmarked cruisers stopped Adadevoh’s car., officials said.

Police say Adadevoh had several bank documents in the passenger seat.  After questioning him, officers conducted a search of his vehicle, which, police say, revealed that Adadevoh was committing fraudulent activity with multiple Wells Fargo customer accounts.

Officers also seized a felony amount of amphetamines and marijuana from the vehicle, officials said.

The Wells Fargo Fraud Department is investigating the incident.