Wearing pajamas in public?

Comfort is pushing its way into the world of fashion. Wearing pajamas in public is now a trend. Pajamas are coming out of the bedroom. In fact one day soon you may see PJs in the boardroom. Don't believe me? A quick Instagram search using the hashtag #pajamatrend and pictures people posing in PJs popped up. 

Fashion experts say high-end designers are responding to consumers' cravings for comfort. Labels like Louis Vuitton and Dolce and Gabbana are putting sleepwear on the cat walks this season.

The research firm NPD Group predicts the next big fashion trend will be wearing pajama inspired looks all day.

Sleepy jones sells plenty of this kind of luxury loungewear in its store in SoHo.

Style expert George Bresicia says we are seeing different kinds of pajama-looking items as well as drawstring pants and pajama-like tops. You just have to get the look right if you go out on the town or to work.

Designers are dressing up dressing down.

But before your turn casual Friday very casual, consider checking the dress code with your boss.