Wearing a Hawaiian shirt the right way

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Nothing says summer like a Hawaiian shirt. While it's had its ups and downs since the 1930s, it is back in style just in time to keep you nice and cool all summer long.

It may be time to rethink the stigma that many people associate with Aloha shirts, because designers are reintroducing Hawaiian-inspired shirts this season, offering a fresh take on the sometimes ridiculed classic.

Tommy Bahama has been in the Hawaiian shirt business for years, and they're offering a range of designs, from traditional florals to more muted patterns, ready to take you from the sand to the sidewalk.  

For style expert and author George Brescia, it is all about how you wear your Hawaiian shirt. Brescia says "Pair it with something cool and don't take it so seriously. Make it effortless." Most importantly, get the fit right. Brescia suggests buying a tapered cut or tapering a roomier cut for the right look.

And when you're ready to go, exhale and enjoy the summer.  After all, you are wearing a Hawaiian shirt!