'We know nothing' - Families of kidnapped Israelis desperate for information on loved ones

Keren Schem's nightmare began on October 7, at the Supernova festival that was held in the desert of southern Israel.

"Every time I open my eyes I think I’m going to wake up from this nightmare," Schem said. "Unfortunately it’s a reality."

Schem was not in attendance at the festival, but her daughter, Mia, was. She has not been heard from since terrorists from the militant group Hamas attacked the festival, killing over 260 people and kidnapping others.

Ever since the attack, Schem has been desperately trying to find information on what happened to Mia.

Yet, this new battle between Israel and Hamas is not just a physical one, but Schem says that it has evolved into a battle being fought on cyber and psychological fronts as well. 

She and others whose loved ones are held hostage say the terrorists are taking to social media to taunt families.

Itzhak Tabatchnik sent FOX 5 NY a video posted by Hamas of his cousin Bar, who was at the musical festival, being held captive.

"Bar called his mother and said there were rockets and the party was under terror attacked. He was leaving and going back home," he said.

But Bar, who Itzhak said tried to help others never returned. Now, Itzhak somehow finds comfort in the video.

"On one end it’s simply playing on people’s feelings but on the other it’s reassuring to know he’s alive," he said.

As days go by and the silence grows even more deafening, Itzhak, Keren and the countless families suffering all hold onto hope and pray for a safe return.